I guess it all started out when I was a kid and decided to deconstruct any and everything. Sometimes I could put them back together without anyone noticing, but more times than not I would completely ruin the item. But, I was never discouraged by that; I had to learn. This general curiosity for how things were made coupled with some hereditary fortune lead me to the "now".

My family has an extensive background of artists, from music to handpainted signs. My great grandfather Arthur DeGroat was a handyman back in the 40s in Paterson, NJ. My grandfather Daniel DeGroat was an all-around artist (sign painter, contractor and a handyman to name a few). This can-do mentality was instilled in me before I was even thought of.


(My grandfather, Daniel Arthur DeGroat)

I am version 3.0 in this lineage of blue-collar men. In 2015, I decided to stop by my local leather shop randomly. I purchased some stitching irons, a few leather scraps, needles and thread and a bottle of mink oil. Already having a general knowledge of materials from deconstructing shoes (that's a different story), I found a pattern for a front pocket wallet and proceeded to make it. It was terrible BUT I made it and was proud of it.

Today, leatherworking has become a staple in my life. It is humbling and rewarding, simultaneously. Being that kid that meddled in everything, I quickly found out that I love handcrafted goods that tell a story. This is the mentality that inevitably leads me to design and create goods for myself and others. 

My name is Dan Dover. I am the maker and founder of The Pretty Good Leather Company. By day, I am a Digital Brand Manager for Sole Classics in Columbus, OH. My background in retail spans 15+ years and has been spent mainly in footwear. Service is king and sales are the truth. When you are deciding to trust me with making your product, you are investing your money in someone that understands how hard a dollar is to make. Thank you for your commitment and trust as well as your time for reading my bio.

Best Wishes,