Terms & Conditions

Lead Time:
Each piece is made-to-order and put in a queue in the order they are received.
Please allow 14-21 days of "make time". I always aim to under-promise and over deliver.
Time fluctuation can change depending on the season/order queue. I will be completely transparent with you around each and every order to ensure you receive your product as quickly as possible. Crafting takes a considerable amount of time.

Each piece is cut from a hide, therefore color and blemishes may vary. Think of it this way; not every single batch of single barrel bourbon has the same nose and finish even if they have the same ingredients. But, that doesn't mean they aren't all great.
Mmm, bourbon...

Vegetable Tanned Leathers vs. Chrome Tanned Leathers:
You may notice that prices vary slightly based upon the materials you select. This is due to the cost of materials. While both processes in which the leather is cured are great, the two are much different in workability and lead time. Vegetable tanned leather can take the tannery 30-90 days to cure while chrome tanned leather can take as little as one week. The difference in cost is mainly due to time which, we all know, equals money.

Refunds & Exchanges:
Each piece is uniquely made for you, therefore all sales are final. But I am also not a jerk and want to make you as happy as I can. If you have any issue, just let me know and we will work it out.
In the case that a stitch pops or there is a major quality defect on my part, I will gladly fix or replace the item at no cost to you (shipping may apply).
All stitching has a lifetime guarantee.